The Beatles Help

Beatles- Help
Beatles- Help

This week I have something special that has been in the shop for a while and has been overlooked; as far as the Pick of the Week goes. It is a 1965 First Mono pressing of the Beatles Help album. There are many different pressings of all of the Beatles albums; collectors always favor the first pressings. Mono pressings of 1960’s records are usually desirable, depending on the production quality and re-channeling of the original recordings.

Alexander the Great Soundtrack

Alexander the Great 1956

This week we have another hard to find record. It is the soundtrack album from the 1956 film Alexander the Great staring the great Richard Burton. This powerful score was directed by Mario Nascimbene. Soundtrack albums are a great collectable and early ones are extremely hard to find in good condition.

Pick of the Week 5/16/2013

IMG_0937Ok, so it looks like I will try and have a different Pick on both the Website and Facebook. Either way, here it is. The Pick of the Week. A rare soundtrack by Andre’ Previn for the movie “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. Heavy Classical Score. Next week come back and see some cool things that I picked up at auction.