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Pair of Mid-Century Modern Mushroom Chairs

I have just added these two fabulous Mid-Century Modern Mushroom Chairs to our Booth at the Livingston Antique Outlet (Booth #80) 1825 N. Burkhart Rd., Howell, MI. The maker is unknown but I do know that a company in Owasso, MI did make this type of chair. The bases are molded plastic and the seats are padded and upholstered over a fiberglass shell. After some restoration these chairs will be showstoppers. Check them out today because they won’t be there long.

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Vintage 1950’s Doll Furniture

Picking season is here and with that comes all sorts of great finds. Recently I came across some great 1950’s doll furniture. The Best part of it is the near complete Ginny’s Gym. This is a hard to find accessory for Ginny Dolls. Also there is some great Ginny furniture made by Strombecker and some post war Japan doll furniture. All of these great finds will be available at our space in the Livingston Antiques Outlet Booth #80. Happy Spring and Happy Picking.

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Spring is here!!

Suburban Antiquarian at Livingston Antique Outlet  Howell MI Booth 80

It is spring finally and with that come all the great sales. First starting Friday 4/19 and Saturday 4/20 is the Big spring sale at Livingston Antiques Outlet in Howell. Be sure to check out booth #80. Then this Sunday 4/21 Easter Sunday is the First outdoor Flea Market of the Season at the Mega Mall in Lansing. Check out showcase #54. There are going to be some amazing finds get there early! Happy Picking!