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Fortress America

This weeks pick has been here for a little while so you folks need to know how cool and hard to find it is. Fortress America came out in 1986, A strategy game from the Milton Bradley game-master Series. Many of the games produced for this series are hard to find and highly collected. The most remarkable thing about Fortress America (This version in particular) is that Saddam Hussein (Former Iraqi Dictator) is on the cover. And what is so cool about that is that this game came out before Desert Storm when almost no one knew who he was. The game is complete and in great shape.

Fortress America !986 ( Pre Desert Storm with Sadam on Cover )
Fortress America !986 ( Pre Desert Storm with Saddam on Cover )
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Solid Brass 12″ Diamond and Beehive Push-up Candlesticks

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time once again for the Pick of the Week. This week we have a beautiful set of solid brass 12 inch push-up candlesticks in a Diamond and Beehive pattern. High quality candle sticks like these are becoming very hard to find. Also new this week we have more vinyl. I haven’t even gone through it yet. So I don’t even know what’s here.


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Vintage Hangman Game with Vincent Price

Hello all, This weeks Pick of the Week is a Cool Vintage hangman Game with the one and only Vincent Price on the cover.  A must have for the Horror fan. I personally am still looking for his cookbook. Yes, he has a cookbook. Also, this week Friday and Saturday 4-8 pm Williamston Dog Days. Lots and lots of dog related activities.IMG_1179