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Vintage Sheet Music


The pick this week is a huge selection of Vintage Sheet Music. We have Disney, Jazz, Folk, Show TunesĀ and other greats. Get here while the selections good.

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Vintage Wassily Chair

Our new Pick of the Week has been in the shop for a little while but it’s very cool so you need to know more about it. The Wassily Chair was designed by Marcel Breuer in the 1920’s; while he was the head of the cabinet making workshop at the Bauhaus. This Vintage version was probably produced in the 1960’s or 70’s. The chrome and the leather are both in very good condition. Chairs like this are still being produced and are very expensive. It is very comfortable and very stylish. It will make a statement in any home.


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Fortress America

This weeks pick has been here for a little while so you folks need to know how cool and hard to find it is. Fortress America came out in 1986, A strategy game from the Milton Bradley game-master Series. Many of the games produced for this series are hard to find and highly collected. The most remarkable thing about Fortress America (This version in particular) is that Saddam Hussein (Former Iraqi Dictator) is on the cover. And what is so cool about that is that this game came out before Desert Storm when almost no one knew who he was. The game is complete and in great shape.

Fortress America !986 ( Pre Desert Storm with Sadam on Cover )
Fortress America !986 ( Pre Desert Storm with Saddam on Cover )