Antique 3 Drawer Golden Oak Dresser

Antique Oak Dresser
Antique Oak Dresser

It is all done and in the shop. A lovely antique 3 drawer golden oak dresser. This piece was produced between 1890 & 1920. It is solid oak with a full set of cast brasses. During the restoration I decided that I liked the lived in look of the top and chose to just bring it back to a usable condition rather than strip away all of the character. I did however have to create a new backsplash as it was missing. Originally the piece probably had a wishbone towel bar. The dresser measures 35 1/2″ wide by 17″ deep by 32′ high to the top and 34 1/2″ to the top of the backsplash. The dimensions of this dresser make it a good choice for someone looking to transform it into a vanity base for a vessel sink.

Coming soon

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This week for our “Pick” I’d like to show everyone something that will be coming to the shop very soon. It is a beautiful Victorian Dining Table. This table was in terrible shape when I purchased it. The extension mechanism was completely broken and the finish on the top of the table was sticky. Some one had done a bad finish over job on the table and the finish they put on was not compatible and never dried properly. So I have installed a new extension and carefully stripped the top. Currently I am applying the new finish to the top as long as the humidity stays down.

Tibetan Shutter End Table


Our “Pick of the Week” is here, and this time it is a fascinating repurposed piece from Tibet. This fun Octagonal end table is made of intricately hand carved Teak or Mahogany shutters. The table is further adorned with solid brass Tibetan demon masks. This is truly a unique piece of furniture and is destined to spark conversation in any home.