New Ideal Sewing Machine


New Ideal Sewing Machine

New Ideal Sewing Machine

This week I’m recycling another old post. Why? Well, we still have it and we just brought it to the Mega Mall. Booth M-9.

And to top it off we will be having a Sale!

In order to reduce our inventory we will be offering 20% off at our Mega Mall booth only. This Sale starts This Friday 5/12/17 and ends Sunday 5/28/17. Get there early for the best selection. So, with that said if you’ve had your eye on anything special now is the time to buy it. I don’t run sales very often.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Pick of the Week.  

It is a New Ideal Treadle Sewing machine. It dates to around 1900 and can be made to work with a little cleaning and lubricating. This rare find comes complete with original instructions, 2 belts, a key to lock the cabinet and a box of accessories. You will be hard pressed to find another machine of this age with so many of the necessary pieces. Whether you are Amish, getting off the grid, steam punk or just afraid of the impending zombie apocalypse this is the sewing machine for you.

45″ Brass Fireplace Fender


IMG_3200 IMG_3199

New this week we have a beautiful 45″ Brass Fireplace Fender. It has a lovely pierced design with fans and Acanthus leaves. The fender was most likely produced in the United States in the 1800’s. It would look great in a restored Victorian home. It is currently available at our store in Williamston.

Holiday open House at The Mega Mall

This Weekend is the Holiday Open House Sale at The Mega Mall.

That makes this weekend the best time to find great deals and save some money on your holiday shopping. Our booth M9 (look for row M we are near the back of the Mall), will be offering 25% off Saturday 12/2 and Sunday 12/3 only. At Suburban Antiquarian we like to keep our prices low and as a result we don’t do many sales. So come on in there will be sales, Santa, and giveaways.

Turned Milking Stool

Turned Milking Stool

Turned Milking Stool

This week I’m Recycling and old post for Earth Day. Why? Well, we still have it and it’s going to be at the Mega Mall this weekend. It is  a great Turned Milking Stool. I believe it is made of elm and poplar and dates to around 1890-1920. It was restored by a previous owner and they did a pretty decent job. The top measures 14″ and it stands 16″ tall just right for milking that cow. But if you don’t have a cow it is great for a child’s seat or a handy extra seat in the shop or rumpus room.